Sixfold Bioscience


Sixfold Bioscience is an award-winning, biotechnology SME with 20 employees, based at the Translation and Innovation Hub at Imperial College London, United Kingdom. Sixfold is focused on preclinical research and development (R&D) of its patented MergoⓇ platform for systemic delivery of RNA therapeutics. Proof-of-concept in vitro and in vivo data has been demonstrated for the delivery of siRNA to multiple tissues. The modular design of its Mergo platform means Sixfold can rapidly engineer systems for RNA therapies with enhanced specificity and safety profiles – and the platform’s versatility offers huge commercial potential against a wide range of clinical indications. To aid this development, Sixfold is expanding its capabilities in computational biology and artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning. Sixfold is leading collaborative projects with academia and industry in the UK: e.g. with Imperial College London, UCL, Medicines Discovery Catapult, the National Physical Laboratory Ltd and the LGC Ltd; in the EU: e.g. with BianoScience GMP (Germany) and Uppsala University (Sweden); and beyond: and the National Institutes of Health (NIH, USA). Sixfold has raised seed financing from venture capital investors and Y Combinator (the world’s most powerful startup incubator) and non-dilutive funding (Innovate UK, Horizon2020, Research England), and is an active member of various networks such as the BioIndustry Association and The Advanced Therapeutics Network.


Sixfold Bioscience is the coordinator organisation for the DESTINATION project, and will manage the overall consortium collaboration, finances and communication.

During DESTINATION, Sixfold will be responsible for design, small scale synthesis and in vitro testing of RNano scaffolds with advanced functionalities for 3 types of target cells.

Key personnel:

Dr Anna Perdrix Rosell (Scientific Lead), Co-Founder and Managing Director,

Dr George Foot (Dissemination Lead), Co-Founder and Managing Director,

Dr Sophie Sim (Project Coordinator), Grant and Partnership Manager,