Vision & Advantages


DESTINATION lays the foundation for a disruptive approach towards a programmable nanosystem for delivery and readout – moderate or sustained – of genetic information in vivo for killing, treating or reprogramming specific cells.

Advantages over current state-of-the-art:

DESTINATION challenges the current mRNA/DNA delivery paradigm, which is broadly focused on 3 main strategies for mRNA delivery:

  1. Viral approaches that suffer from immunogenicity issues, complex and high-cost manufacturing;

  2. Non-viral vectors primarily lipids and polymers with main disadvantages related to poor selectivity/off-target effects and immunogenicity; and

  3. Naked/unprotected delivery, which limits the use of mRNAs to indications amenable to local administration.

The disadvantages of these delivery systems limit the clinical and commercial potential of mRNA/DNA therapeutics. RNanos utilise a unique and disruptive strategy compared to competitors, designed to ensure the following competitive advantages: enhanced safety, efficacy, and scalable synthesis, manufacturing and production.