Explora Biotech


EXPLORA S.r.l. is a privately owned Italian company established in 2006 at the Technological Park “Tecnopolo Tiburtino” in Rome by a pool of young researchers and the support of a French seed capital organization INVENT SaS. EXPLORA with Aurum Laboratories, its trademark and business unit, is committed to offering a comprehensive and integrated portfolio of services from study design to the preclinical experimentation of medical devices, Advanced-Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) and biotherapeutics. Aurum Laboratories has a long-track of records in studies for safety and efficacy assessment of medical devices and ATMPs especially in the field of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, pleurodesis, and cancer research. Aurum Laboratories works with private and academic institutions in Europe, e.g. Celixir Ltd, Orthogeni Ltd, National University of Ireland, Galway, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, AdjuCor GmbH, Boston Scientific, etc….

Their mission is to develop an end-to-end service designed around the customer needs to help them to launch novel products in the fast-growing field and complex regulatory framework of ATMPs. Their strategy is built around the following words: research-develop-deliver.


EXPLORA’s role in the project is to establish in vivo proof-of-concept animal models for a variety of target indications, in order to determine safety, efficacy and biodistribution data on RNano candidates in vivo.

Key personnel:

Dr. Federica Marotti, f.marotti@explora-biotech.com

Dr. Gabriella Bellavia, g.bellavia@explora-biotech.com

An operating theatre and a biological lab in the animal facility at Explora Biotech.