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The mission statement of the Interdisciplinary Computing and Complex BioSystems (ICOS) research group is to carry out groundbreaking research at the interface of computing science and complex biological systems. We seek to create the next generation of algorithms that provide innovative solutions to problems arising in natural complex systems (e.g. in biology, chemistry, physics) as well as synthetic ones (e.g. in biological engineering, health care, software engineering) and derive new knowledge from them. To accomplish its mission, the group leverages its interdisciplinary expertise in Machine Intelligence, Complex Systems and Computational Biology and pursues collaborative activities with relevant stakeholders.


Newcastle University will research intelligent algorithms to accelerate design of both RNanos and mRNA cargo via development of an AI platform, and the experimental integration and validation of the computationally designed nanostructures.

Key personnel:

Prof. Natalio Krasnogor (PI),

Dr. Emanuela Torelli,